Saturday, June 24, 2006

My First Blog

Well, after perusing the passions of many bloggers I felt sufficiently motivated and inspired to start my own blog.

I thought I would start with a passion close to my heart - Coffee!

I have been making coffee for some time now (on and off for some 7 years) but have been developing my skills more deliberately over the past 2 & 1/2 years when I began as a coffee representative for a boutique roaster. My passion has become stronger since participating in the Victorian Barista Championships this year (I got 4th..) and becoming a regular contributor in the Coffee Geek Australian region forums (check out "Mr Nang"). The competition allowed me to meet many people in the industry and the opportunity to work weekends at the Maling Room (a cafe that serves as a meeting place for Coffee Geeks in Melbourne) , where I have been able to gradually refine my skills with a Synesso / Mazzer Combination (and some coaching!).

I thought I would use this blog to share my progression in learning about coffee, as well as the trials and tribulations I have experienced in running my own business (I started a company that supplies premium drinking chocolate & organic teas to cafes / restaurants & coffee companies).

I intend on posting pics, questions regarding issues I confront and I'm happy to respond to any questions I receive. Hope you find your time reading my blog enjoyable.


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