Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sydney Trip

I have recently been on a trip to Sydney which allowed me more time to explore the Sydney coffee scene. I stumbled on a few more cafes where I found passionate baristas (and great coffee!) - Piccolo Padre, Koko Espresso, Cafe 22 were possibly the new highlights of this trip (in addition to the old favourites of Campos, Mecca, Sapphos & Single Origin).

I met Ed Cunningham of Piccolo Padre on Darling st Rozelle (Ed also runs his own boutique coffee supply business called "The little Marionette"), Ed is a good positive presence in the cafe and was very welcoming (his coffee was as smooth as his charm!).

At Koko Espresso in Devonshire st Surrey Hills I managed to stumble on the owner (his name now passes me) conducting a training session with a new employee. I have since learned that the owner has previously competed in barista championships rivaling previous World Barista Champion Paul Basset. The coffee (Allpress) was very well made and as enjoyable as the personable and comfortable surrounds provided.

Ben at Cafe XXII in Union st Pyrmont had resently launched his own espresso brand "Cafe Fiori". The acidity of the blend cut well through milk; when combined aesthetics of the beautiful building the cafe is located in and the upbeat and positive tempo of staff, Cafe 22 presents quite an alluring space.

I would recommend all of these cafes quite highly if you are planning a trip to Sydney.


  • What's the timing on this? I went past Koko a few days ago, and I was surprised to see Campos branded windbreakers out on the footpath - not that I'd argue about a change from Allpress to Campos beans, but it did surprise me a little (I also thought I noticed the sign had changed to something like but not exactly Koko, so I wondered if it'd changed hands recently?)


    By Anonymous bigiain, at December 07, 2006  

  • Obviously a recent change - I was in Sydney up until the 8th of Novemeber. Interesting to hear of the change!

    By Blogger OziBarista, at December 08, 2006  

  • hey there ozi barista,

    Being a Sydney-sider and I can safely say that Koko is still true to the allpress beans. And the baristas' name is Phil.

    BTW, did you manage to pick up the Coffee Guide ...Sydney? I recommend you contact the guys as a Melbourne version is in the works...info@coffeeguidesydney.com.au

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 19, 2007  

  • Thanks for your comment. I picked up a copy of the Sydney coffee guide which is what led me to a number of the cafes I visited. Yet to hear anything on the Melbobourne Coffee Guide - interested to see who is reviewing and which cafes will be included.

    By Blogger OziBarista, at January 19, 2007  

  • Hi OziBarista,

    Sorry this is a bit late, but thought you might be interested. Ed is actually Ed Cutcliffe, and he's finally opened his own Little Marionette cafe in a hole-in-the-wall in Booth St, in Balmain (opposite Gladstone Park, between Darling St and the Hospital). The coffee is seriously good, and Ed is charming as ever. Hope you get the chance to check it out next time your up here in Sydney.


    By Anonymous Stilt, at April 11, 2007  

  • Thanks - not sure where I got cunningham from - chatted with ed quite a bit. glad to hear he's set up.

    By Blogger OziBarista, at April 11, 2007  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Kristin, at August 10, 2007  

  • Now I can even add a bit more by offering my interview with Ed, conducted today at his cosy "Little Marionette" Cafe. I reckon his charm comes well across in it.

    By Blogger Kristin, at August 10, 2007  

  • no change guys, phil is still the owner, i have been a regular of his since he opened and trust me there isn't a more complete barista in this city than phil- three years consecutive koko has recieved 5 beans in the coffee guide, now thats consistency.Allpress or not this guy will make great espresso. by the way bigiain koko never did or does have wind breakers- wrong place mate.

    By Anonymous cam, at October 06, 2007  

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