Tuesday, July 04, 2006

casual work..

I thought I would share some pictures of the cafes I currently work at to support me whilst I get my business off the ground (and keep up my barista skill!) - the Maling room in Canterbury (on Sundays)and Rumbles Patisserie at Prahran Market (on Fridays).

Aside from the occasional shift at the cafes, my business allows me to spend a considerable amount of time seeking and visiting new / funky cafes (I'll share these in future blogs). Today I was visiting a new cafe which recently took on my teas and was fortunate to be able to sit in on a training session delivered by a representative of the coffee company supply the venue. I was genuinely intrigued by the different approach to coffee training that ensued - much of the information on coffee extraction methods etc presented was consistent in content with my theories, but relayed in an entirely different way. It was great for generating new thoughts (even when I didn’t entirely agree with the occasional particular, it still caused me to re-evaluate my theories). It kind of reaffirmed for me that you always have something to gain from others by placing yourself in environments where information is shared and if you are open to the prospect of learning something new.

The second thing I gleaned is passion. Maybe stating the obvious, but the things you hear seem to have greater impact when received from people who are passionate about the topic they are discussing. It's as if the words carry more meaning or validity; and you have a greater interest in what they have to say! I like being in the company of people pursuing their passion.


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