Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 AASCA Victorian Barista Championships

Hi All,

Happy new year.

Well I can confirm that I've taken on the responsibility for organising the 2007 AASCA Victorian Barista Championships. This years event is to be held on March 25th, the winner of which will qualify to compete in the Australian Barista Championships.

This year the Victorian competition has grown to require a qualifying round, the top 10 place getters will go on to compete in the final. 2006 barista competition place getters gain automatic entry in to the final.

I will be liaising with many of the coffee roasters, baristas and iconic cafe owners over the next few weeks confirming entrants, should you stumble accross this blog and wish to compete or judge, please email me: nwakeford@somage.com.au



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