Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Recently I headed to brisbane and was pleased to watch the Wallabies whop the All Blacks in Rugby Union, this was a pleasant distraction from my true purpose of heading north which was to introduce myself to our new distributor Fino Foods.

I couldnt help but check out some of Brizzy's local coffee haunts which included a 45min drive to participate in a local coffee geek meet (yes, my condition is that bad). I also managed to become acquainted with the local salsa community (another developing passion of mine) and finish off some books I had been reading. It was quite an eventful trip.

Some of the coffee establishments I ventured to included Brothers Espresso, The Coffee Cart at Brisbane's Markets (Lukey), Anouk, Caffeine, and Bulimba Bean. My visit to Bulimba Bean turned into an espresso training, cupping and roasting session with the passionate and hospitible owners Robert & Tanya.

This trip also proved to be quite a culinary adventure, I had the fortuitous opportunity to indulge in some of Australias finest salmon, oysters and wines prepared by some of Brisbanes leading chefs.

I just browsed at the clock and it got me thinking about my plane to catch to in 4 hours to Sydney (for Aroma Rocks). I'll post some pics and finish my yarn here soon.