Saturday, June 16, 2007

Somage hits the Slopes!

Completing a hectic few days I headed the following day up to Mt Buller (another 3.5 hr drive!) where we brought Kali to Victorias Ski slopes. The day was glorious, probably the first time I have been able to see the mountain on my journey there (being an avid snow boarder, to get first tracks most of the time when Im headed to the mountain it is shrouded in clouds and darkness)

My trip to Mt Buller coincided with the season opening - we decided to join in with the festivities and hand out some Kali Premium Chocolate to warm up the Snow Getters. Kali proved to be a huge success, look our for it at many of the warm retreats on the mountain (I also now have a good excuse to hit the slopes a little more often!).

Hopefully the queues arent this long to get Kali in the future!


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