Monday, May 07, 2007

South Australian Adventure

I decided that I should head accross to South Australia to check out the local coffee scene and assist our distributors over there. The timing of my trip was planned to coincide with the running of the Australian National Barista Championship, held at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide. My camera has been going a bit bung lately so I wasnt able to snag that many pictures (at least ones that didnt have peoples faces looking like cursed victims in "The Ring"). I have included a couple from the few moments it was behaving.

The National Wine Centre

Scottie Callaghan won the event by a very small margin (4 points) to last years National Champion, David Makin.

(me & scottie)

There were some nice cafes in South Australia. Although South Australia has one of Australias best master coffee roasters (in Tony Di Angelo) I felt that in regard to the quality of coffee served by cafes is that the best is yet to come.

Here are three cafes I encountered during my travels that I thought were well on their way.

Rigoni's Bistro

At Rigonis I discovered a great milk called "Tweedvale Milk" from the adelaide hills. Was impressed by the taste consistency cream content and foam stability (this is at a time that many milks deteriorate as the cows are placed onto dry feed).


At stirling, Rubys has the recipe for success - a focus on great quality ingredients, coffee made well (hate to admit, by a melbourne barista), appealing fit out.

and The Essence

Another cafe in Stirling (In the Adelaide Hills), The essence has a warm cozy feel. I gave a few pointers on coffee making whilst I was there, they seemed eager to learn more after the example I gave.



  • What, no Cibo? Despite the lower temperature, their coffee retains the best consistency I've yet to try. Perhaps that's just good coffee for beginners, though.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at June 02, 2007  

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